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    We're making a global impact, from our international faculty and global research to study abroad programs and international student community.

    We believe in creating a diverse and welcoming community on campus, where we can all teach and learn from each other.


    Be a citizen of the world.

    We know you're curious, and we'll help you find the right opportunities.

    Whether you want to learn more about other cultures while you're on campus or you want to travel the globe, the Division of Global Engagement will connect you to your adventure.



    We are operating remotely, but we are always here to help.

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    The Division of Global Engagement is extending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette's reach beyond the edges of campus — bringing our students, faculty, and knowledge into other labs and classrooms and cultural spaces across the world.

    We're creating partnerships, leading global education for UL Lafayette's students, and bringing international students to the University. We're excited about helping everyone in the UL Lafayette community develop a global perspective. Our offices include Study Abroad Programs, the 迅雷网游加速器免费版最新下载_迅雷网游加速器 永久免费版 ...:21 小时前 · 软件帝为你带来迅雷网游加速器 永久免费版官方免费版免费下载。迅雷网游加速器是由深圳迅雷网络技术有限公司独立研发的第三伋网游加速器,迅雷网游加速器采用最先进的光纤加速技术,能够最有效改善您的网络环境。zol提供迅雷网游加速器下载。 and the Intensive English Program.

    Learn more about the opportunities for:

    • Students
    • Faculty
    • Alumni
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